The Challenge

Spear-phishing is a mainstay technique in the hacktivist, cybercriminal and nation state attackers’ arsenal. Why? It is such an effective and inexpensive way to harvest user credentials, implant various forms of malware, impersonate trusted people, and collect useful intelligence about the target organization. Too many users are tricked by phishing emails to rely on them to consistently do the right thing.

Mimecast Solution

Mimecast’s security solution helps detect and block emails:

  • With both known and unknown malware.
  • That are attempting to impersonate senior staff members and directing the release of sensitive information or the fraudulent wiring of money.
  • That include malicious URLs – on every click.

The Mimecast cloud-based security service provides always-on, always up-to-date protection without the complexity and cost of traditional security gateways.

Spear-phishing and Targeted Threats

91% of attacks by sophisticated cybercriminals start through email.

Most gateway solutions stop spam and viruses, but fail to address one of the biggest threats facing your company.


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